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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

WhatsApp's private chat hide || Archive Chat

 You can easily hide WhatsApp's private chat without anyone noticing

You can easily hide WhatsApp private chats, no one will know WhatsApp chats. The company has introduced a new feature FaceID and Passcode this year to keep chats on WhatsApp secure. This feature allows users to keep their chats safe from others. However, this feature is currently only available for iOS. This feature is being tested for Android and could launch at any time.

But there are also many ways for Android users to easily hide their chats from others. So let us know what is the easiest way that both iPhone and Android can use.

Actually, the simplest thing we are talking about is WhatsApp's 'Archive' option. This feature can hide any of your chats or groups and be accessed at any time when needed. Keep in mind that ‘Archive Chat’ does not delete your chat, only its backup goes to the SD card. Let us know the whole process of this.

How to hide chats on Android

First open WhatsApp

Go to the chat screen, long tap on the chat here that you want to hide.

Now select 'Archive Icon' from the top bar.

This will archive your chat and you will not see it on the chat screen.

All chats archived in Android smartphones are at the bottom of the chat screen.

How to hide chats on iPhones

Open WhatsApp first.

Slide your finger from right to left on the chat you want to hide in the chat screen.

Your chat will be archived while doing this.

To view archived chats on iPhone, you need to scroll up and down.

You can also unarchive these chats if you change your mind later. Let us know what you need to do for this.

To Unarchive in Android Phone

Open WhatsApp

Now scroll down.

Tap on unarchived chat.

Now hold and tap the chat you want to unarchive.

To Unarchive in iPhone

For this you have to go to Unarchived Chat screen. Now slide your finger from right to left.

You will have the option to unarchive, which you have to tap.

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