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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

If the mobile falls into the water, repair it at home without spending a single rupee

 If the mobile falls into the water, repair it at home without spending a single rupee

Often due to the negligence of us or others, your mobile phone falls into the water. If one day in the future your mobile falls into the water, this remedy should be done which will prevent the mobile from getting damaged. Because mobile has all the much needed information and personal belongings, no one can spoil their personal belongings.

The storage data in the mobile is also deleted after the mobile goes bad. That's why today we will tell you the tips and tricks that you can use to fix the mobile at home.

Many companies today are making waterproof mobiles that are not as bad as falling into the water or falling into the water. Water cannot go inside the mobile and hence its price is higher so most people do not have waterproof mobile. But seeing the speed of increasing technology, one day all of them will become waterproof mobiles and then the problem of mobile deterioration will also go away. Here are some tips that may come in handy in the future.

This remedy to do if the mobile falls into the water

If the mobile falls into the water, get the mobile out of the water as soon as possible. Switch off the mobile after removing it from the water and remove the battery immediately if the mobile has a removable battery.

If the mobile does not have a mobile battery, switch off the power button of the mobile so that there is no short circuit in the mobile due to water.

After switching off the mobile, delete every part that comes out of it, such as memory card, SIM card.

Now the mobile has to be dried so wipe the top of the mobile with a cloth and then put the mobile inside the rice packet and close it.

Rice is easily available in everyone's home and hence it is easy to use rice for drying mobiles with which rice dries very quickly.

Keep the mobile packed in a rice packet or box for 2 hours so that the inside of the mobile is completely dry.

After 2 hours, when you make a mobile call, the mobile will be turned on immediately and if it is not, then by inserting the charging pin and turning on the mobile, your mobile will be fixed in this way.

Never make this mistake if the mobile falls into the water

If your mobile falls into the water, never turn it on.

No button should be pressed if water gets inside the mobile.

Never use a hair dryer to dry the mobile as hot air from the hair dryer can damage the inside of the mobile.

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