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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Here's how to find out if your phone has a virus.

 Here's how to find out if your phone has a virus.

Android is the most used operating system in the world. There are over 1 billion Android users worldwide. Hackers use new techniques to target these users. As a result, users fall into their trap and can easily steal user's data and misuse it. One drawback of Android is that it can be easily infected with viruses compared to other products. Here are some tips to help you check if your phone is safe.

Increase in data usage

If your mobile data suddenly becomes overused, one of the reasons behind it may be a virus in your mobile. If your data is suddenly overcharged this time as compared to last month, then understand that your mobile or tab has been hit by a virus.

Get extra charge from your mobile

An unnecessary SMS charge from your mobile is also a sign of a virus. At that time a text message is sent to the premium rate numbers from your mobile. Which is deducted from your balance. A premium rate number is a special number on which the charge for sending a message is higher than other normal tariffs.

Excessive battery use

The virus affects not only the data balance but also the battery of your mobile. If you have a virus-laden app or program installed in your mobile, it will drain your battery so fast that you will feel that your phone's battery life has suddenly decreased.

Sudden pop-ups in the phone

If you click on notifications like pop ups, notifications, unwanted reminders and system warnings, it is likely to increase the risk of viruses in your phone. Sometimes hackers send a viral link through a simple popup which makes it easy for users who click on it to fall into the hacker's trap.

Unnecessary mobile apps

There are some apps that get installed in the mobile without your knowledge. This app, like Trojan malware, automatically installs in your phone and harms you.

Learn how to get rid of the virus

If you think that your phone has got a virus and it has slowed down the phone, then here are some tips to get rid of it.

Delete suspicious apps

The first step is to delete apps that look suspicious. To do this go to your phone's settings and click on Application Manager. Now a list of your phone's apps will open in front of you. Click on the app you don't want from it, first delete the cache files of that app, then delete the data of the app and finally remove the app by pressing the uninstall button.

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