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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Forget your phone's Lock PIN or Pattern, unlock this easy way

 Forget your phone's Lock PIN or Pattern, unlock this easy way

Nowadays everyone keeps a lock on their phone. Whether it's a pattern, a PIN, a fingerprint or a password, the phone is locked so no one sees it and we can be worry free. But often we forget to put the password in the smartphone, and then get in trouble how to open the phone. So let's say you don't have to be annoyed. Because we will show you some simple ways that you can unlock your smartphone in minutes.

Since a lot of passwords are entered in the phone, it is not remembered and even if you enter the password, there is an option of Forgot Pattern or Forgot passwod. Which has to be clicked. You will then need to sign in with your Google Account username and password. You can then unlock the phone by entering a new password.

Perform a factory reset, before applying this method, one thing to keep in mind is that you will not get the data, photo and song in the phone a second time. So if you unlock your phone, all the data in the phone will be deleted. If you still want to unlock your phone, first turn off the phone, then hold down the volume down button and the power button.

Enter recovery mode after doing this for some time. After that you have to select Yes, delete all user data, then reboot your phone and your locked phone will be unlocked. This is how it works on its Android device with the help of Device Manager, in which Android Device Manager is active. All you have to do is go to the Android Device Manager website and login to your Google account.

Be sure to enter the account you have in your phone. After login click on ‘Erase’, in which your phone will be factory reset and you will be able to set the password a second time. But be aware that with this trick all your data will be deleted. Voice Assistant also has another option. If you have Google Assistant set up in your phone before and your voice is recorded, click on the ‘Unlock with Voice’ option, if you can unlock the phone by saying ok Google.

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