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Saturday, March 27, 2021


 Do you ever feel like calling from an unknown number? One app for this is TrueCaller, which most people use. The name of the caller is known from this app but it also gives a lot of other information.

Call blocking:

આ પણ વાંચો :- છોકરીઓ સાથે સેલ્ફી કેવી રીતે સેટ કરવી જાણો 

This app can block incoming calls from certain numbers. If you feel that someone is annoying you by calling from an unknown number, block it by adding the starting numbers of that number. After that you will not be bothered by the phone coming from that number.

Find Out Who's Calling Without Internet:

It is not necessary to have internet to use the app. This app will provide information about callers even without internet.

Stay away from spammers:

TrueCaller also protects you from spammers. It will tell you if the number from which the call is coming has been marked as spam. This way you can resin the call.

TrueCaller's Dialer - TrueCaller:

With TrueColor you can do more than just block calls. It also has a dialer app, with which you can also create your default dialer. This app called Truecolor gets sick with Truecolor. That way you don't have to search or block numbers separately.

આ પણ વાંચો :- શું તમારાં ઉછીના આપેલા પૈસા પાછા નથી આવતાં તો પછી આજેજ કરીલો આ ઉપાય માત્ર બેજ દિવસમાં પરીણામ આવી જશે.

Search by Search Number:

Truecolor has a search option that appears when we open the app. You can search by typing any number in it. You can also search for a number by typing a name or an address.

Create your own profile:

You can create your own profile on Truecolor and customize it to your liking. That way you can determine what other users will find out about you. You can add your full name and photo.

આ પણ વાંચો :- શું તમારા ફોનની બેટરી વધારે ચાલતી નથી, તો પછી કરો આ સેટિંગ 

To remove your number from Truecaller's database:

You need to go to for the Truecaller app to give you the right to remove your number from its database. Then type the mobile number along with the country code. Here you have to state the reason why you want to delete this number. After that you have to enter Captcha and press Unlist button.

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