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Sunday, February 28, 2021

WhatsApp's new feature: Now run one WhatsApp in two phones

 WhatsApp's new feature: Now run one WhatsApp in two phones

How to run the same WhatsApp number on two different mobiles?

 I have been taught how to run WhatsApp from a computer.  It is also possible and will teach you how to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile.  But now we are talking about running the same WhatsApp number on two different mobiles.

When does the same WhatsApp need to run in two places?

 1) Keep one mobile at home and another at the office

 2) Husband and wife both use the same WhatsApp

 3) When there is no keyboard in a mobile, but the performance of the mobile is good

 Apart from this, there is no other reason for such a need.

 Well now the question is how to do this magic?

 There is a difficult way, but it is also difficult to explain, it is also difficult to follow and whether there will be success after following is also a question.

 So let's not fall into that dilemma, let's take the easy way out.

How to run the same WhatsApp number in two different mobile phones

 Just have fun now.  The same WhatsApp will be running in both your phones.  The same thing can be done in a tablet.

 1) If your phone has WhatsApp application, update it if it is not updated

 2) In your other phone where you want to use this same WhatsApp, open the web browser of that mobile.  (Google Chrome, Safari etc.)

 3) Go to browser settings and select “Desktop site” mode

 4) If desktop mode is activated properly then QR code will appear in your browser (code like bar code)

 5) In your first phone where WhatsApp was running, go to WhatsApp settings and click Whatsapp Web, then there will be a mode to scan the QR code.

 6) Now, scan the camera from your first phone to another phone where the QR code appears (hold the camera above the code and read the code)

 7) As the code will be scanned, Seim WhatsApp will also be turned on in your other phone.

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