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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Tech News: Now it's easy to find a stolen or lost mobile phone, use this feature

 Tech News: Now it's easy to find a stolen or lost mobile phone, use this feature

Losing a mobile phone can get you into big trouble these days due to rising crime and online fraud.  However now the government has launched a web portal for this problem, which will help in finding the stolen or lost phone.  On Monday, Communications and Information Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad launched the portal for users.  Currently, the portal will only be available to Delhi-NCR and Mumbai users.

 The system has been developed by the Center for Development of Telematics (CDOT).  The Delhi Police and the Department of Telecom also assisted the CDOT in developing it.  Testing of the project began in September this year.  Let us know how you can find a lost or stolen phone using this portal.

 Here's how to use the portal: Phone kevi rite sodhvo

 - First report the theft or loss of your mobile phone to the nearest police station.

 - After the number is blocked, apply for a new SIM card with FIR copy and ID proof.

 - Now go to to block the IMEI number of the phone.

 - You have to fill the registration form on this portal.

 - After this you will get a request ID.

 - You can use this request ID to track your mobile phone.

 - When you receive a mobile phone, you can use your mobile phone again by unblocking the blocked IMEI.

 Telecom operator shares data

 A Central Identity Registry System has been set up to search for lost or stolen phones.  What is special about it is that the IMEI database of all the operators in the country is connected.  The telecom operator shares the mobile phone data of all the users connected to its network in CIR so that it cannot be misused on any other network in case of theft or loss.

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 Cloning from IMEI will be banned

 All mobiles have a unique IMEI number for its identification.  This number is reprogrammable (changeable), causing thieves to reprogram it.  This causes the IMEI to be cloned and multiple phones can be used on the same IMEI.  According to the Department of Telecommunications, there are many cases of clone / duplicate IMEI handsets to date.  If the IMEI number is blocked then the person whose phone is stolen will have to be harassed.  This is why you need to get rid of duplicate and fake IMEI phones.  This portal has been launched for that problem.

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