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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The way to save any file through mobile in the format.


The way to save any file through mobile in the format

You have created a document in Notepad.  Now you want to save it to your computer hard drive.  However, you do not have the information to save the file in Notepad.  You do not know how to save documents / files created in Notepad?

 Then there is nothing.  We have explained step-by-step detail below to save the work prepared in Notepad.  We hope that after reading these steps, you will be able to save any file in Notepad easily?  So let's save the file in Notepad.

 How to save a file in Notepad

 1. Open Notepad first.

 2. After opening Notepad, click on File Menu from the Menu Bar.

 3. From the File Menu you have to click on Save.  Or you can also press CTRL + S from the keyboard.

 4. After clicking Save, a Save As Dialog Box will open in front of you.  From here, you select the place to save your file, give the name of the file and click on Save.  And your file will be saved.

 5. After clicking on Save, the notepad file will be saved on your computer at the name given by you, and at the chosen place.  After finding this file by its name, you can view and edit it again.

Important link

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 what have you learned?

 In this tutorial, we have told you about saving the document prepared in Notepad.  

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