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Monday, November 9, 2020

New Year 2021 calendar About how it will be information

New Year 2021 calendar About how it will be information

 In Chinese Greek civilization, 'calendars' meant 'chillana'.  In those days, a man used to beat Munadi and told about what date, festival, fast etc. will be tomorrow.  There will be flood or rain in the Nile River.  In the name of this 'shout', that who calendars is the word 'calendar'.  By the way, the meaning of 'calendars' in Latin language was considered as the day of accounting.  Calculation of days, months and years on the same basis is called 'calendar'.

 There was a time when there were no calendars.  People worked on the basis of experience.  His experience was about natural works.  Rain, winter, summer, autumn etc. were the signs of doing different things.  Religious, social celebrations and farming activities were also based on these, but it would have been difficult to divide the time properly.  People realized that day and night sharing is never a mess.  Similarly, there is a sequence of seeing the moon in the night.

 This sequence of moon sightings, also called the phases of the moon, must have continued after a certain time.  In this way, days were counted based on the arts of day and night and the moon.  This period was then named.  The stars and the moon only appeared after sunset and darkened when the sunset occurred, so this period was called 'night'.  The period from sunrise to sunset was named as 'day'.  It is also felt that the seasons change due to the sun.

 The cycle of the moon was considered from the new moon to the new moon.  The cycle of the sun was considered from one season to another.  The cycle of the moon is completed in twenty-nine and a half days.  It was called 'month'.  The four seasons of the sun were combined and called the 'year'.  Then 'calendar' or 'almanac' was born for calculation.  Different countries made calendars in their own way because day and night and seasons vary in different parts of the earth at the same time.


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 People's social life, farming, business, etc. were particularly affected by these things, so every country made calendars according to its convenience.  An important event was considered the basis for how to start the year.  Somewhere in the event of sitting on the throne of a king (Vikram possible), the counting starts, somewhere in the names of rulers like Rome, Greece, Saka etc.  Later calendars were made and prevalent in the events of Jesus' birth (AD) or Hazrat Mohammad's departure from Mecca.

 He counted the years from the birth of Jesus.  B.C. before birth  (Before Christ) and later A.D.  (After Death).  The number of prenatal years comes backwards, the number of years after birth rises further.  There is a century of hundred years.

 All the countries of the world now believe in a time and keep the watches pure by keeping pace with each other.  Today's punctuality has become very important and people are beginning to understand its value.

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