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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

About the payment facility trick in WhatsApp


 About the payment facility trick in WhatsApp

When you start making payment at any online site, you go to the payment gateway and enter card details and password etc.

 If you make online shopping or pay for electricity / water / mobile bills online, then you must have had a connection with the payment gateway.  When you pay on any online site, you go to the payment gateway and enter card details and password etc.

 What is payment gateway?

 This is actually an application through which the process of online payment becomes easy.  This is actually the bridge between the bank and the merchant's site.

 When you pay on an online site, the merchant's site sends your debit / credit card details to the payment gateway for confirmation.  After that, the payment gateway verifies this information from the bank and withdraws money from your account and sends it to the merchant's account.

 While there are many payment gateways to help you in online shopping or bill payment, but here are some of the popular gateways:

 Citrus Pay Payment Gateway

 Citrus Pay is currently at the top of the payment gateway in the country.  Through this gateway you can pay with all cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  It is also safe for use.  Citrus also offers an online wallet service like Citrus Cash and a Citrus Cube for bill payments.

 Cc avenue

 CC Avenue is also an important gateway for online payments.  Through this, you have many options to pay online.  CC Avenue supports cards such as JCB, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and EasyClick.

 The special thing with CC Avenue is that through this, payment instructions can be seen in 18 languages   of India and abroad.  Apart from this, you can pay in 27 currency of the world through CC Avenue.

 These include Euro, Singapore Dollar, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, US Dollar, United Arab Emirates Dirham, Pound Sterling, Hong Kong Dollar, Riyal of Qatar, Dinar of Bahrain, Bath, Sri Lankan Rupee, Ringgit of Malaysia, Taka, New Zealand Dollar.  , Canadian dollar, Nepali rupee, Australian dollar, Riyal of Oman, Swiss franc and Kuwaiti dinar along with Chinese currency can also be paid in yuan.

 Payu biz india

 Payu Biz India Payment Gateway helps all types of businesses to accept online payments.  Through this, you can pay by card, netbanking, wallet, international card, EMI, IVR etc.  Payu Biz India accepts payments in 13 currencies.  PayU Biz India manages the online payments of major banks of the country.

 The company is paying a lot of attention to mobile banking and can be paid with just one tap on Payu Biz India from Android phones.

 Direcpe Payment Gateway

 Direcpe supports various types of debit / credit cards for online payment.  With the help of DirectPay, merchant can accept payment from both mobile and NetBanking.

 It is a great solution for online businesses and e-commerce.  Many can be paid in foreign currency also from Direcpe.  It is easy to use as a payment gateway and it is also safe.


 It is also a popular payment gateway in India that accepts payments from all foreign and domestic credit cards.  Through this, payments can be made from Diners, Discover, Visa and MasterCard. Zakpe has a safe and easy payment gateway to use.

 E money

 It is a great payment gateway according to the traders.  This makes it easier to manage money according to business needs. Merchants can use e-money to speed up the process of checkout by managing inventory and accept payments on tablets or smartphones.

 Businessmen can also take payments through virtual currency like credit / debit card, wallet, online or bitcoin through e-money.


 For mobile payment, Jaspe Payment Gateway Express offers check out and secure 1-click feature.  In this, taking one time password from your message and putting it on the platform itself reduces the time of loading of the page.

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 With the help of this payment gateway, merchants can take online payments from their customers.  Through this Visa or MasterCard credit card can be paid.  It is very easy to use and its integration also takes very less time.

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