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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Bigger for the self-sufficient package of the Government of India 2.65 lakh karod Indian government financial package

 Bigger for the self-sufficient package of the Government of India 2.65 lakh karod Indian government financial package

 At first I tried to avoid this question of uncle jokingly, but after insisting on his very emphasis, I said stop, I will find out and tell in a few days.  Not only my uncle, but the government has raised the expectations of all the citizens of the country since the recent announcement of Rs 20 lakh crore made by the Prime Minister to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic.  They feel that this economic package will have an unexpected positive impact in their lives.

 The thing to understand now is what is the economic relief package and why is it needed?  If you try to find the answer to these questions in easy words, then the purpose of the economic relief package is to provide relief to the economy from any economic crisis.  It works for the stressed economy in the same way that a medicine works for a sick person.  If the medicine is 100 percent effective, then it can eliminate the disease from the root, similarly any current economic relief package is also an attempt to recover the economy that has been sick due to COVID-19 epidemic.  But even after effective treatment of every serious disease, it leaves its long-term effects, in the same way it would not be logical to say that everything will become normal after this economic package.

 In the past, many large economies such as the United States have provided 10 percent of their GDP and Japan 20 percent of their GDP as an economic relief package.  This is to say that all the economies struggling with this crisis are treating themselves to deal with this disease.  It is not a nutritious diet given to a health person which enhances his / her abilities, rather it is a diet to enhance the immunity fighting disease.

 The second biggest thing is that with this economic relief package, the Prime Minister talked about becoming self-reliant, as well as the use of indigenous goods. Here self-sufficiency refers to self-sufficiency in the context of the economy, so that we can import to meet our needs.  Do not depend on.  It is obvious that when the whole world is grappling with this economic crisis, then all the countries of the world are giving priority to the objective of getting their economy out of crisis instead of following the ideal rules of globalization, for which they are resorting to protectionism and  There is a possibility that there will be a huge reduction in global trade for the coming few years.  In these circumstances, if India discourages its imports to reduce its trade deficit, then it becomes necessary for it to produce the goods for which it is dependent on imports from abroad for its supply.

 We try to understand the problems that have been tried to solve with the help of economic relief package.  Nearly a quarter of India's population lives below the poverty line, while around seven crore people live in extreme poverty.  In such current economic crisis, this class can be a victim of starvation problem.  Keeping this point in this relief package, special measures have been taken to address the challenges before this class.

 The MSMEs sector, which is the most employment-intensive sector after agriculture, provides employment to about 12 crore people.  According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the MSMEs sector's contribution to India's total GVA (Gross Value Added) was around 31.8 percent in the year 2016-2017, while the MSMEs sector accounted for about 48 percent of the total exports in the year 2018-19.  .  From the above data we can understand the importance of MSMEs sector.  While large economic units spend only 10 percent of their total expenditure on the workforce, MSMEs account for about 35 percent, which is evidence that the distribution of benefits in MSMEs is relatively more equitable.

 But the current economic crisis has posed a challenge to the existence of these areas. About 90 percent of MSMEs in the country have been severely affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.  Keeping this fact in mind, in the announced economic package, only about 5 lakh crore rupees have been announced for this sector, which is about one fourth of the total relief package.

 There is no accurate assessment of the duration of the crisis that we are facing now, there is no idea how serious this problem can be.  Instead of limiting our expectations, we need to understand all the dimensions of this problem and make a long-term strategy and get it down to the ground.  As much as it is necessary for an economy, it is also necessary for us at the individual level.

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 Due to this epidemic, there is also a possibility of extensive changes in the working method, which is not limited to any one area.  If you are a student, then you have to be ready to learn through new mediums. If you are connected with an employment, then according to the changed work scenario you need to train yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  This is to say that you have to be so alert and ready to recognize any opportunity that arises before you and take advantage of it by hauling it like a hawk.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The way to save any file through mobile in the format.


The way to save any file through mobile in the format

You have created a document in Notepad.  Now you want to save it to your computer hard drive.  However, you do not have the information to save the file in Notepad.  You do not know how to save documents / files created in Notepad?

 Then there is nothing.  We have explained step-by-step detail below to save the work prepared in Notepad.  We hope that after reading these steps, you will be able to save any file in Notepad easily?  So let's save the file in Notepad.

 How to save a file in Notepad

 1. Open Notepad first.

 2. After opening Notepad, click on File Menu from the Menu Bar.

 3. From the File Menu you have to click on Save.  Or you can also press CTRL + S from the keyboard.

 4. After clicking Save, a Save As Dialog Box will open in front of you.  From here, you select the place to save your file, give the name of the file and click on Save.  And your file will be saved.

 5. After clicking on Save, the notepad file will be saved on your computer at the name given by you, and at the chosen place.  After finding this file by its name, you can view and edit it again.

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 what have you learned?

 In this tutorial, we have told you about saving the document prepared in Notepad.  

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Trick to check the radiation level of your phone

Trick to check the radiation level of your phone

It is important that you buy the smartphone and also know its after-sales service, resale value and radiation level.  It has been discussed earlier that the radiation emanating from smartphones can be dangerous and can cause many diseases.

Radiation level checking tric

 While buying smartphones, users pay attention to its features and hardware, but hardly anyone checks the radiation emanating from it.  It is important that after purchasing the smartphone, you should also know its after-sales service, resale value and radiation level.  It has been discussed earlier that the radiation emanating from smartphones can be dangerous and can cause many diseases.  We tell you how the radiation of the phone can be checked.

 Radiation emanating from any smartphone is such a factory, about which people have the least information.  Radiation or Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value is the radio frequency transmitted from a smartphone that produces little radiation.  Being under the influence of continuous radiation for a long time can affect health.  The good thing is that the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has fixed a limit of 1.6 W / kg.

 Many smartphone brands Mention the SAR rating above the users' manual or in the box of the device.  At the same time, many smartphone makers have given this value on their website.  There is also an easy way to check the SAR value if the smartphone is at hand.  We tell you how you can check the radiation emanating from your phone in only three steps:

 Step 1 - Unlock your phone and open 'Dialer' (dial pad).

 Step 2 - Now type * # 07 # here.

 Step 3 - On the smartphone screen, you will see SAR Ratig.

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 Let me tell you, recently the German Fedler Office of Radiation Protection has released a list of smartphones with more radiation.  In the list of Statistica, Xiaomi MI A1 has the highest radiation of 1.75 W / kg.  This is followed by a SAR value of 1.68 W / kg OnePlus 5T.  Xiaomi's Xiaomi Mi Max (1.58 W / kg) also comes at number three.  After this, OnePlus 6T and HTC U12 Life are also included in the list.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Radio listening technology by touching the sphere of the earth

 Radio listening technology by touching the sphere of the earth!

The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had prepared a draft, under which the authority to appoint the Directors General of Doordarshan and All India Radio (All India Radio) would be directly under the Central Government but the Ministry returned this draft bill within a few days.  Got it.

 According to the report of the Indian Express, according to experts, the draft Prasar Bharati Amendment Bill 2019 had such provisions that if it had come into effect, the autonomy of the national broadcasters would have ended.

 After the passage of the Prasar Bharati Act in the year 1990, Prasar Bharati was established as an autonomous body.

 On April 1, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued a draft bill removing the provision to set up an Appointment Board and directly delegated powers to appoint the Director Generals of Doordarshan and All India Radio to the Central Government.

 A notification was issued to get public feedback on this draft bill, which was removed less than a week after its release on the ministry's website and on 8 April, the ministry issued another notice stating that  The case is canceled until further orders.

 A notice issued on April 1 stated that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is in the process of amending the Prasar Bharati Act 1990, a draft note of which was sent to the Union Cabinet for inter-ministerial discussion.

 This notice stated that the Prasar Bharati Amendment Bill 2019 was drafted after receiving feedback and comments from all concerned ministries and departments.

 The note of this draft bill stated that according to Section 9 of the Prasar Bharati Act, the appointment and appointment of officers and employees of public broadcasters will be done after the advice of the Recruitment Board, which was established under Section 10 of the Act.

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रेडियो की सुपर टेक्नोलॉजी देखने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें।

यहां रेडियो सुनो!

 The note said, it was proposed to remove section 10 of the Act and amend section nine (giving the appointments of Director General and other officers of All India Radio and Doordarshan through PBRB) so that the central government can appoint director generals and others  Enable UPSC / SSC for appointment of officers and employees.

 Experts say that this step will end the autonomy of national broadcasters.  Former CEO of Prasar Bharati, Johar Sarkar said that it will completely take away Prasar Bharati's independence.  He said that the government deliberately did not approve the formation of PBRB in all these years.

 Prasar Bharati chairman A.  Surya Prakash said, 'I am glad that these amendments were repealed.'

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About the payment facility trick in WhatsApp


 About the payment facility trick in WhatsApp

When you start making payment at any online site, you go to the payment gateway and enter card details and password etc.

 If you make online shopping or pay for electricity / water / mobile bills online, then you must have had a connection with the payment gateway.  When you pay on any online site, you go to the payment gateway and enter card details and password etc.

 What is payment gateway?

 This is actually an application through which the process of online payment becomes easy.  This is actually the bridge between the bank and the merchant's site.

 When you pay on an online site, the merchant's site sends your debit / credit card details to the payment gateway for confirmation.  After that, the payment gateway verifies this information from the bank and withdraws money from your account and sends it to the merchant's account.

 While there are many payment gateways to help you in online shopping or bill payment, but here are some of the popular gateways:

 Citrus Pay Payment Gateway

 Citrus Pay is currently at the top of the payment gateway in the country.  Through this gateway you can pay with all cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  It is also safe for use.  Citrus also offers an online wallet service like Citrus Cash and a Citrus Cube for bill payments.

 Cc avenue

 CC Avenue is also an important gateway for online payments.  Through this, you have many options to pay online.  CC Avenue supports cards such as JCB, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and EasyClick.

 The special thing with CC Avenue is that through this, payment instructions can be seen in 18 languages   of India and abroad.  Apart from this, you can pay in 27 currency of the world through CC Avenue.

 These include Euro, Singapore Dollar, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, US Dollar, United Arab Emirates Dirham, Pound Sterling, Hong Kong Dollar, Riyal of Qatar, Dinar of Bahrain, Bath, Sri Lankan Rupee, Ringgit of Malaysia, Taka, New Zealand Dollar.  , Canadian dollar, Nepali rupee, Australian dollar, Riyal of Oman, Swiss franc and Kuwaiti dinar along with Chinese currency can also be paid in yuan.

 Payu biz india

 Payu Biz India Payment Gateway helps all types of businesses to accept online payments.  Through this, you can pay by card, netbanking, wallet, international card, EMI, IVR etc.  Payu Biz India accepts payments in 13 currencies.  PayU Biz India manages the online payments of major banks of the country.

 The company is paying a lot of attention to mobile banking and can be paid with just one tap on Payu Biz India from Android phones.

 Direcpe Payment Gateway

 Direcpe supports various types of debit / credit cards for online payment.  With the help of DirectPay, merchant can accept payment from both mobile and NetBanking.

 It is a great solution for online businesses and e-commerce.  Many can be paid in foreign currency also from Direcpe.  It is easy to use as a payment gateway and it is also safe.


 It is also a popular payment gateway in India that accepts payments from all foreign and domestic credit cards.  Through this, payments can be made from Diners, Discover, Visa and MasterCard. Zakpe has a safe and easy payment gateway to use.

 E money

 It is a great payment gateway according to the traders.  This makes it easier to manage money according to business needs. Merchants can use e-money to speed up the process of checkout by managing inventory and accept payments on tablets or smartphones.

 Businessmen can also take payments through virtual currency like credit / debit card, wallet, online or bitcoin through e-money.


 For mobile payment, Jaspe Payment Gateway Express offers check out and secure 1-click feature.  In this, taking one time password from your message and putting it on the platform itself reduces the time of loading of the page.

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 With the help of this payment gateway, merchants can take online payments from their customers.  Through this Visa or MasterCard credit card can be paid.  It is very easy to use and its integration also takes very less time.

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Monday, November 9, 2020

New Year 2021 calendar About how it will be information

New Year 2021 calendar About how it will be information

 In Chinese Greek civilization, 'calendars' meant 'chillana'.  In those days, a man used to beat Munadi and told about what date, festival, fast etc. will be tomorrow.  There will be flood or rain in the Nile River.  In the name of this 'shout', that who calendars is the word 'calendar'.  By the way, the meaning of 'calendars' in Latin language was considered as the day of accounting.  Calculation of days, months and years on the same basis is called 'calendar'.

 There was a time when there were no calendars.  People worked on the basis of experience.  His experience was about natural works.  Rain, winter, summer, autumn etc. were the signs of doing different things.  Religious, social celebrations and farming activities were also based on these, but it would have been difficult to divide the time properly.  People realized that day and night sharing is never a mess.  Similarly, there is a sequence of seeing the moon in the night.

 This sequence of moon sightings, also called the phases of the moon, must have continued after a certain time.  In this way, days were counted based on the arts of day and night and the moon.  This period was then named.  The stars and the moon only appeared after sunset and darkened when the sunset occurred, so this period was called 'night'.  The period from sunrise to sunset was named as 'day'.  It is also felt that the seasons change due to the sun.

 The cycle of the moon was considered from the new moon to the new moon.  The cycle of the sun was considered from one season to another.  The cycle of the moon is completed in twenty-nine and a half days.  It was called 'month'.  The four seasons of the sun were combined and called the 'year'.  Then 'calendar' or 'almanac' was born for calculation.  Different countries made calendars in their own way because day and night and seasons vary in different parts of the earth at the same time.


Click here image download hindu calendar application

 People's social life, farming, business, etc. were particularly affected by these things, so every country made calendars according to its convenience.  An important event was considered the basis for how to start the year.  Somewhere in the event of sitting on the throne of a king (Vikram possible), the counting starts, somewhere in the names of rulers like Rome, Greece, Saka etc.  Later calendars were made and prevalent in the events of Jesus' birth (AD) or Hazrat Mohammad's departure from Mecca.

 He counted the years from the birth of Jesus.  B.C. before birth  (Before Christ) and later A.D.  (After Death).  The number of prenatal years comes backwards, the number of years after birth rises further.  There is a century of hundred years.

 All the countries of the world now believe in a time and keep the watches pure by keeping pace with each other.  Today's punctuality has become very important and people are beginning to understand its value.

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Pm Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana 7 week date declare

 Pm Kisan Samman Nidhi  Yojana 7 week date declare

The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-Kisan) was announced last year.  Under this scheme, the central government transfers money directly to the bank accounts of farmers.  On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the states that did not implement the scheme.  He said that these states are not implementing this scheme for petty politics.  He also said that this kind of mentality has damaged farmers for a long time.  Let us know the things related to this ambitious plan of the Central Government.

 1. What is Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana?

It is a central government scheme.  It was announced in the budget that came on 1 February 2019.  Under this scheme, 6000 rupees are given to small and marginal farmer families every year.  Such farmer families get the benefit of this scheme, whose total land is up to 2 hectares.

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 2. How do farmers get this money?

 The farmer is given this money in three installments of 2000–2000 rupees.  This money is directly transferred to the farmer's account under Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).  The process of transferring money from DBT remains transparent.  Also, a lot of time is also left for the farmer.

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3. How do small and marginal farmers benefit from this scheme?

 According to an estimate, more than 12 crore small and marginal farmers will benefit from this scheme.  With this scheme, small and marginal farmers fulfill their needs related to farming.  Due to this, their crops are good, due to which they earn more.  Apart from this, they do not even have to take money from usurers.

 4. PM Kisan Yojana was implemented on any date?

 According to the PM-Kisan Yojana website, this scheme is applicable from December 1, 2018.  In this scheme, state governments and union territories identify farmer families.  The same peasant family is chosen who fulfills the conditions related to the benefits of the scheme.

 5. Which farmer families do not get benefit of this scheme?

 The benefits of PM-Kisan scheme are not available under the following conditions:

 1. If a family member is or has held a constitutional post.

 2. Current or former minister in government, member of Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha, present or former mayor of Municipal Corporation etc.

 3. Current or former officers and employees of the Central or State Government.

 4. All retired employees who get pension of more than Rs 10,000 monthly.

 5. Professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants

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