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Wednesday, October 28, 2020



The government pays Rs 10,000 or fixed fee to the school per RTE child. Amidst the talk of giving relief to the disgruntled guardians among the administrators by cutting the fee to be paid by the government in RTE by 3%, the government itself has jumped at the chance to get relief. It is mentioned that in order to provide relief to the parents approved by the Right to Education Act (RTE) committee due to the epidemic of fee regulation corona, the government has to pay 3% of the fee in the privateschools. Percentage of school fees has been cut as per. But aid is paid by. In which 10 information has to be prepared. On the other hand, the government itself has given relief to the schools which have less than Rs. Assistance is paid to the school in the fee of Rs. 10,000 under the self-governing administrator RTE. Mahamandal president Bharat Gajipara said in a circular in Surendranagar that the government had also cut the tariff by 4 per cent.

Government's goods promotion circular is also in the mood to take MCQ test. 200 students of Nussing-Physiotherapy University did not get the marksheet of merit base progress. Syndicate member's opinion to take test for evaluation of UG students in Rajkot The last semester of the last postgraduate was in the month of July and the merit was given to the students except in the examination field. However, as per the decision of the state government to give three promotions of nursing and 12 years of physiotherapy, Nursing and 3 students have not got marksheets yet. The Physiotherapy Council has also ordered the promotion of para-medical students in the next year without taking the exam, said Dr Bhavin, a syndicate member of the students. However, except for the fourth year of UG, the students of Saurashtra University have not yet got the marksheet for promotion in the next year. Nursing and MCQ due to the corona of students at the college level before giving. Considering taking a test. The first, second and third of physiotherapy in which the Vice-Chancellor of Merit Bayes Progress has expressed his opinion of the test of Marcus in the next year without taking the examination of 100 year old students in each subject. The council and state will decide in a week to give one.

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