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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Today,s Education Newspaper

Today,s Education Newspaper

The importance of newspaper is a lot in our life. Date on our business Date 6_9_2020 Today's education subject is given information by newspapers Our site emphasizes more on educational news In today's educational paper, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said that new education policy in India was first launched in Gujarat.  Gujarat government will announce 20,000 government jobs in five months, the government will save Rs 3,400 crore by not paying DA till March 31, Saurashtra University has recruited 87 professors.  Will be done

Students can get various benefits from reading newspapers.  For example, reading the newspaper increases the vocabulary.  English learners can improve their English with the newspaper.

 Even students of economics, students of Hindi language, students of political science and students of different subjects get new words from the newspaper.  They can use these words according to their interests and subjects.

 For example, it is good for economics students to read "the economic pages of the newspaper, where the editorial pages related to political science.  Reading the newspaper not only benefits the students in their subjects but also has gained knowledge of general knowledge and culture in different parts of the country.

 In addition, Career Page, Career Point, Job, Career etc. is a weekly published newspaper which helps students to get information about various jobs, exams and career related issues.

Another example, such as political science students, learn about the Prime Minister's powers in India in the 11th or 12th grade.  Through newspaper related material, teachers can now talk about the daily activities of the current Prime Minister, explain their powers.  According to the above examples, I think that a newspaper can play an important role in the development of practical education.

Newspapers and news in any country play an important role in the development of education.  Using news, students are practically learning new things through books.

 Just as students have to learn about the disadvantages and advantages of anything in college and school, teachers can explain it well to children by displaying the content requested from newspapers.  In this way they can tell the students how the presentation affects society and real life.

 The advantage of using news as an example for students is that they can get better knowledge about their subject from the newspaper as the way the news is moving.  It is becoming related to various practical aspects of the subjects of the class.

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