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Monday, September 7, 2020



The final will be played on Tuesday, November 10.  For the first time in the history of the tournament, the final will be played on a weekend instead of Sunday.

The tournament will feature 10 days double header i.e. 2-2 matches in one day.  The evening match will start at 7:30 pm, half an hour earlier than the old schedule.  When the afternoon match will be played at 3:30 p.m.

Only 24 players in the team, the IPL Government Council has allowed each team to take only 24 players due to corona. Earlier the franchise was allowed to hold 25 players. The unlimited cores substitutes are also allowed in the tournament. That is, if a player comes in a tournament to be positive in the tournament, then the team will be able to include another player instead. All 60 matches will be played in three stadiums, all 60 matches of IPL will be played in Dubai, Abheshbhai and Sharjah. In India, 8 places are done. For this reason, keeping an eye on corruption and match fixing in IPL will be very easy. Recently, Chief Ajit Singh of BCCI's Anti Corruption Unit (ACU) said this thing. What's new this time? Due to the corona, the tournament will be played in the bio-security environment without tournament viewers, in the fifth day of the players and staff will be able to substitute all the franchise Unlimited Corona in the tournament, the match 10 double headers in the tournament will be 2-2 matches in one day, commentators will be able to play the starting match on England-Australia players, which will be able to play the beginning match on England-Australia players from home commentators. In the league, Australia's 17 and 13 players of England are participating. The third and last ODI match of England and Australia will be in Manchester on September 16. The players of both teams will depart from 16 or 17 from London to Dubai. After reaching the UAE, they have to test the corona, according to the government rules. Their test is after the negative is coming, you will be able to get out of 7 days isolation. In such a situation, all players will be able to play IPL from the other week. When all the franchises have said that all players will be uae from the by-safe atmosphere, do not have to be isolate them

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