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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Important video about the confusion while scanning the unit test marks

Important video about the confusion while scanning the unit test marks 

Optical mark reader is used to collect the information that we put on the page through a mark.  For example, if you have ever given any exam for a government job, then you have written the answers to your questions in it that instead of marking them with a pen on your answer.  Optical mark readers are used to gather information by reading the same symbols.  The optical mark reader is used as a hardware device.  It can gather information by reading thousands of signs every hour.

 How does optical mark reader work?

 In order for an optical mark reader to work, it is necessary to first have its software, for that you can easily download any OMR software with the help of internet.  Apart from this, they can only read the data marked on the OMR sheet, so you can choose your software based on the design of your OMR sheet and download it and then install it.

Because the optical mark reader is designed to take data from pen or pencil marks made on paper, when you insert an OMR sheet into it, one of the lasers falls on that page, the laser comes back after falling on the page.  Goes and based on that, this data is created.  Note that the laser volume returns less than where the markings are, and the laser page returns more than the rest of the page, which makes it easier for the OMR to decode its data.  After this, the optical mark reader sends all the data to the computer, which shows you the conclusion of the data.

Benefits of optical mark reader:

 - Data can be taken from OMR at very high speed.  They can read 10,000 forms in about 1 hour.

 - You need only one computer to collect its data.

 - OMR makes fewer mistakes by inserting data from any keyboard.

Important video about the confusion while scanning the unit test marks

Important Link

Ekam KASOTI Watch Full Video : From Here

 Loss of optical mark reader:

 - If the space in the OMR sheet is not filled well or it is not darkened well then it does not give its information to the computer.

 - It can be used only for those information in which you have to choose from more than one option.

 - They can only be used to take data from OMR sheets.

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