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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

August month unit test paper 2020

 August month unit test paper 2020


A new formula for Weekly Unit Test has been implemented for students of class 3 to 12 in government schools.  The Directorate of Education has issued a circular in this regard.
Actually, the assessment scheme which was implemented by the directorate last year was to have weekly tests and unit tests.  This increased the burden of the test on students.  Teachers as well as parents also questioned more tests.  Now the Directorate has changed the assessment scheme.

The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme consists of a summary assessment (S1 and S2) twice a year.  Each term has two formative assessments (FAs).  Apart from this, the formula for Weekly Unit Test will now be applicable.  The directorate has also released the test schedule.
 Om Singh, President of Government School Teachers Association and Secretary D.K.  Tiwari said that for a long time there was a demand that the test burden should be reduced somewhat.  The directorate has now implemented a new formula.  This will provide relief to students as well as teachers and the assessment process will be better than before.

The association believes that till now the unit tests, besides the weekly test, were also terminal tests and there was a lot of trouble, but now there will be weekly unit tests.
 Om Singh says that the CCE scheme is already in force and more tests cannot be used with this scheme.  CBSE has also clarified that the new CCE implemented for middle and secondary classes does not mean that schools should conduct unit tests for students every day or load projects on them.  Unit tests should not be taken every day.
 While instructing to follow this common schedule in all schools, it has been said that teachers will have to check the test sheet in time and students will have to show it.  This will let the students know where they have made a mistake.  Teachers will have to prepare a record of all tests.  Directorate officials will also inspect the schools and check the record of the test.

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